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To complement this baggy style, we offer a range of garments that sync perfectly with the baggy aesthetic. Nude Project's men's tank tops align with the light and airy feel ideal for warmer days or for a more casual look. On the other hand, our oversized t-shirts men's add a layer of uncomplicated style that effortlessly adapts to the baggy silhouette of baggy pants.

To stay warm without compromising on style, the men's oversized hoodies in our collection are a perfect match, providing unique comfort and a relaxed look. If you prefer something simpler, crewnecks offer a soft contrast with their tighter fit, ideal for balancing the bagginess of baggy pants.

Within our range of pants, you also have several options that may interest you. Men's cargo pants are an excellent alternative for those looking for utilitarian details without compromising on style. For days when you prefer a classic, our men's denim pants offer versatility and durability, perfect for any occasion. And for a cooler, more comfortable outfit, our men's shorts maintain the spirit of comfort and style that defines our brand.

Nude Project baggy pants are designed to create fashion that not only looks good, but also lasts over time. Visit our store and see how baggy pants can transform your style with their exceptional comfort and eye-catching design. Redefine the way you dress for everyday wear with Nude Project, where fashion and design meet to bring you the best in menswear.