My mum once asked me if NP was the meaning of "non-profit". Well, it's not mum.

My mum once asked me if NP was the meaning of "non-profit". Well, it's not mum.

  • Pendant necklace with ball chain made of metallic beads. It features organic and hammered shapes for the "N" and "P" charms.
  • Includes a lapis lazuli stone as a third charm.
  • Adjustable length for customizable fit.
  • 93% Brass, 5% Stone & 2% Real gold.
Delivered in the 'NP emblematic packaging' - includes stickers.
    How to Care your Nude Project jewelry :
    • Avoid exposing them to any liquids (water, sea water, chemicals, perfumes, lotions, etc.).
    • Refrain from wearing them while bathing or showering.
    • Apply perfume and lotions before wearing your jewelry.
    • Avoid sleeping or exercising while wearing your jewelry.
    • When not in use, store them in the exclusive NUDE PROJECT packaging they came in. This packaging is designed to keep them dry and protected from external harmful agents.

    - Spain ordini 3-5 giorni lavorativi, circa.

    - Ordini dal resto d'Europa: 6-7 giorni lavorativi circa.

    - Ordini internazionali 6-8 giorni lavorativi circa.

    In caso di problemi con il vostro ordine, inviateci un'e-mail all'indirizzo e saremo lieti di aiutarvi. Gli ordini effettuati dopo le 14:00 (CET) saranno spediti il giorno lavorativo successivo.

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