When does Black Friday start?

Black Friday begins on Tuesday 22nd at 20:00 (CET Time) for Early Access Users. General Access will begin at 21:00 the same day.

How does the Early Access work?

By entering the required info on this sign up form you will be part of our Early Access gang. Everyone there will receive an email at 8pm CET Time with the password that unlocks the website, one hour before the General Access.

Can I return items from the Black Friday Sale?

Exceptionally, during Black Friday until the end of Christmas, we'll provide a period of two months for exchanges and returns. From November 22nd to January 22nd.

Shipping delays

Due to the high volume of orders, please expect some delays on your order during this time.

Can I use a discount code on items that are included in the Black Friday sale?

During Black Friday week, discount codes cannot be applied, except for the one you will get by signing up on this form.