NUDE PROJECT is a ready-to-wear label founded in 2018 in a small dorm room by two friends eager to create something different. Bruno and Alex were raised in completely different environments. One from Bali, the other from Burgos (a little more north) had an instant connection that, after a month of knowing each other, led them to create a joint movement that would change their lives forever.
"For us, it was all about the hip-hop scene, the rawness of skateboarding and the artist’s creativity which motivated us to imprint a way of living shared through the internet."
“Before watching that movie for the second time, go direct your own”


We strive for designs that embrace a modern attitude for a creative life, seamlessly blending comfort, minimalism and elegance in every cut.


NUDE PROJECT is more than just clothing. It is a creative platform for the misfits, the outcasts and the wild to express themselves. Our garments aim to inspire the new generation to pursue their passion, orthodoxly or not, by empowering them to create without fear of judgement.


One of our goals is to change the perceived idea of success. We realised that focusing on money or fame just to seek acceptance, won't ever be fulfilling.
“Do what you love and you won’t ever have to work a day in your life”


Our first big statement was when we gained over 60,000 followers overnight. Some people called it luck, but if there is something we are certain about is that the harder we work, the more luck we have.


More than a brand, we have become a lifestyle, with music that narrates our journey. Hip hop, urban latin and a subtle touch of diverse genres. All good music. Here’s the link to our Spotify playlist, the official soundtrack to the movement.

Early on we realised the traditional path did not fit us: go to university, get the job that your parents told you to, pay your mortgage… Following our principles we itched to start working. Because you are the only person stopping yourself from doing what you love. If you find yourself identified with us…